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Renee Critz

Renee Critz, Chief Accounting Officer

Chief Accounting Officer, Sierra Health + Wellness

Renee Critz, Chief Accounting Officer

Renee Critz is the Chief Accounting Officer at Sierra Health + Wellness, reporting to our Chief Operations Officer, Ixel Morell.

“My journey to this position was brought upon by the lack of work/life balance I had at the time of departing from my previous position.  I was in desperate need to fulfill my need to do the work I love doing and the need to be present with my family. 

My place with SHW was the perfect place where I felt needed, wanted, and more than those things, welcomed for my insight and experience.  I could say that being hired at SHW saved my life.  I was in a dark place and needed to be healthy again mentally. 

I was able to bring along a few team members to also experience the freedom of having a work/life balance as well as share ideas and be involved in the decision-making process.  I feel valued and I enjoy the praise for our team’s hard work and dedication to SHW.  I truly enjoy my job and my teammates and I’m extremely thankful for my position here.”

Renee brings over 15 years of accounting management experience to SHW, and most recently joined our team from Sierra Vista Hospital/Heritage Oaks Hospital, another Inpatient and Outpatient Psychiatric Facility where she served as the Chief Financial Officer for the 171-bed facility. She also negotiates our vendor contract, implements direct bill accounts, and accounts payable management, and monitors and tracks our fixed asset additions/disposals and related documents for our fixed asset system.  Additionally, Renee coordinates and manages our workflow for our accountants – ranging from daily responsibilities to financial statement reporting requirements.

Renee graduated from California State University of Sacramento with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications Studies/Mathematics.

When asked to describe the company culture that Joe instills, here’s what we heard:

“Joe instills a culture of humility, empathy, transparency, integrity, trust, service, authenticity, unity, passion, community, accountability, respect, and innovation.”

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Because of that culture, employees are excited to come to work at Sierra Health + Wellness. SHWC believes in their employees; enabling and empowering them to grow. Sierra Health + Wellness is quickly becoming an Employer of Choice in the Sacramento Area.

Under Joe’s guidance, SHWC continues to grow at an exponential rate. In May 2023, SHWC has New Start Recovery Solutions residential rehab facilities in the Bay Area (Concord), Bangor, Sacramento, Monterey and Reno.

Outpatient IOP, PHP and primary mental health care is provided at Recovery Happens Counseling Services in Sacramento.