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Programs at Our Rehab Centers in California

At Sierra Health + Wellness, we understand the complex journey of overcoming addiction. Our network expands our reach across Northern California, making us one of the leading rehab centers in California. Our approach is holistic, focusing on Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being to support recovery.

We’re not just another name among rehab centers.

We pride ourselves on using evidence-based methods to restore families, relationships, and self-worth. Our goal is to transform lives and provide the tools necessary for lasting change. With Sierra Health + Wellness, you’re not alone on your path to recovery.

Integrated Approach to Addiction Treatment at Sierra Health & Wellness

Our Integrated Approach to Addiction Treatment

When facing the challenges of addiction, finding a compassionate and effective treatment plan is crucial. At Sierra Health + Wellness Centers, we’re committed to providing an integrated approach to addiction treatment. Thus, ensuring that each individual receives the support and care they need to achieve long-term recovery.

Our integrated treatment model combines various evidence-based practices that address not only the physical aspects of addiction but also the psychological and social factors that contribute to it. We understand that addiction is a complex disorder, which is why our programs are designed to treat the whole person, not just the addiction.

Addressing the Root Causes of Addiction

The cornerstone of our approach lies in uncovering and addressing the underlying causes of addiction. Whether it’s trauma, mental health disorders, stress, or relationship problems, we ensure that these root causes are identified and treated alongside the addiction itself. This holistic view is what sets us apart from other rehab centers in California.

Tailored Treatment Plans

We believe that no 2 individuals are the same, and as such, neither should their treatment plans be. Upon entering our program, clients undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine their specific needs, strengths, and recovery goals. 

Based on this assessment, we tailor a treatment plan that may include a combination of detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and outpatient services. Our range of programs ensures that every step of the recovery journey is covered, from the initial detoxification process to reintegration into everyday life.

Comprehensive Support Services

We also offer a variety of support services to complement our treatment programs. Through individual and group therapy sessions, clients explore the emotional and behavioral aspects of addiction. Additionally, we provide access to holistic therapies like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, which have been shown to greatly enhance the recovery process.

group therapy sessions at sierra health wellness
family therapy at sierra health wellness

Evidence-Based Therapies

At Sierra Health + Wellness, we’re deeply committed to the recovery journey of each individual. We leverage a spectrum of evidence-based therapies tailored to meet the unique needs of those we serve. Our approach is comprehensive, addressing not only the addiction itself but also the underlying psychological and social factors that contribute to it.

Evidence-based therapies include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)

    Holistic Therapies

    At Sierra Health + Wellness, we understand that recovery from addiction involves more than just addressing substance abuse itself. It’s about healing the whole person. That’s why we’re proud to offer a range of holistic therapies that complement our evidence-based treatment programs. These therapies nurture the body-mind connection, vital for achieving long-term recovery and enhancing overall well-being.

    Holistic therapies may include:

    • Mindfulness and Meditation
    • Yoga
    • Nutrition and Fitness
    • Art and Music Therapy
    yoga therapy at sierra health wellness

    By integrating these holistic practices into our treatment programs

    We’re not just treating addiction; we’re fostering an environment of whole-person wellness. This approach supports our broader mission: to empower our clients to achieve sustainable recovery and a higher quality of life.

    Overview of Addiction Treatment Programs at Sierra Health + Wellness

    Our dedicated team of professionals offers a range of treatment programs designed to meet our client’s diverse needs. We aim not just for recovery, but for lasting change that empowers our clients to live fulfilling lives free from addiction’s grasp. As leading rehab centers in California, our focus is on providing an integrated and holistic approach to addiction treatment that addresses both the symptoms and the underlying causes of addiction.

    Medical Detox

    Detoxification is the critical first step in the addiction recovery process. We provide a safe and supportive environment where clients can undergo detox with 24/7 medical supervision. Our team is well-versed in managing withdrawal symptoms and providing the necessary care to ensure that detox is as comfortable and safe as possible. By laying a strong foundation through our detox program, we set our clients on a clear path to recovery.

    Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment Rehabs

    Our residential inpatient program offers a structured environment where clients can focus entirely on their recovery without the distractions and triggers of daily life. This program combines therapy, holistic treatments, and wellness activities to support recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues. It is an intensive approach designed for individuals requiring constant support and a therapeutic community to foster healing and growth.

    Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

    The partial hospitalization program (PHP) at Sierra Health + Wellness is a step down from our residential program, providing clients with continued support while they begin to reintegrate into their daily lives. PHP allows for a structured treatment schedule during the day, while clients can return home or to a sober living environment in the evening. This balance of treatment and personal time encourages the application of recovery skills in real-world scenarios.

    Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

    Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is tailored for individuals transitioning back to their normal life while requiring ongoing support. IOP offers flexibility, allowing clients to maintain their work, school, or family commitments while attending scheduled treatment sessions. Through counseling, group therapy, and educational sessions, clients continue to build on the foundation established in earlier stages of recovery.

    Outpatient Programs

    Outpatient programs at Sierra Health + Wellness provide continued care and support for those who have completed more intensive treatment programs or for those whose schedules don’t allow for full-time therapy. This program maintains the momentum of recovery with less frequent therapy sessions, focusing on long-term sobriety and the skills needed to navigate the challenges of a drug-free life.

    Sierra Health & Wellness Veterans Rehab

    Veterans Addiction Treatment

    We’re honored to offer specialized addiction treatment services for veterans. Our Veterans Addiction Treatment program acknowledges the unique challenges faced by those who have served in the military. Understanding that veterans may experience a wide range of mental health issues, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety, our program provides targeted support and care.

    Through a combination of individual therapy, group sessions, and holistic treatments, we address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction. Our goal is to empower veterans to regain control of their lives, offering support every step of the way toward achieving long-term sobriety.

    Our approach to addiction treatment at Sierra Health + Wellness transcends the traditional

    We incorporate evidence-based practices with holistic therapies to treat the whole person, not just the addiction. Services such as mindfulness, meditation, and trauma-informed care are integral parts of our programs, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive care that targets the root causes of addiction.

    Discover Sierra Health + Wellness Rehab Centers in California

    At Sierra Health + Wellness, we’re committed to guiding individuals through their journey to recovery with compassion and expertise. Our integrated approach ensures that each person receives a treatment plan tailored to their unique needs, blending traditional therapies with holistic practices. We understand the importance of addressing not just the addiction but also the underlying issues that contribute to it.

    Our specialized programs, including those for veterans and individuals with dual diagnoses, reflect our dedication to comprehensive care. We believe in the power of community and ongoing support, which is why our aftercare services are designed to help maintain sobriety and wellness long after primary treatment ends. Trust us to be your partner in achieving a healthier, substance-free life.

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