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Rehab in Bangor, CA

Sierra Health + Wellness is proud to offer individualized addiction and mental health treatment in Bangor, CA.
Sierra Health + Wellness, nestled in the serene landscape of Bangor, California, boasts a picturesque facility spread across 15 acres of tranquil rural land in Northern California. Our sanctuary offers an extensive range of services designed to empower individuals embarking on the journey to reclaim their lives through recovery. Aligned with the core values of Sierra Health + Wellness, our rehab in Bangor, CA embraces a holistic approach to treatment, addressing the needs of the whole person. Additionally, our Bangor, California location extends access to transitional housing and vocational programs, fostering ongoing support and facilitating a seamless transition into a fulfilling sober lifestyle.

Personalized Addiction Treatment in Bangor, CA

The professional admissions department works closely with clients to set up financial plans for treatment. Fortunately, they are a VA Community Care Provider and also have experience working with employee assistance programs (EAPs) and Tricare. The admissions staff is familiar with insurance types and what treatment options insurance covers. Consequently, their understanding of the process reduces the stressful components of financing treatment. 

Determining an individual treatment plan begins with a biopsychosocial evaluation or assessment upon admission. Every person has a particular addiction history, medical condition, and mental health status. The personal assessment provides the treatment professionals with information crucial to determining the treatment plan. Sierra Health + Wellness combines the perfect setting and individual treatment options to jump-start sobriety, recovery, and a new healthy lifestyle.

Our Bangor, CA Addiction Treatment Programs:

A group enjoying yoga during rehab in Bangor, CA

Whole-Person Addiction Treatment

Whole-person evidence-based therapies include cognitive-behavioral therapy, yoga, and mindfulness training. In addition, addressing what the mind, body, and soul require to maintain good health, sobriety, and positive mental status is proving effective for addiction and mental health treatment in Bangor. Physical and social environments contribute to overall well-being, but learning how to achieve this in treatment carries over into an individual’s life after rehab. Therefore, Conscious Recovery, or whole-person addiction treatment, is an optimal choice for a successful recovery and integrates through many of the available programs.

Detox center at Sierra Health & Wellness rehab in Bangor, CA

Northern California Medical Detox

Rehab in Bangor, CA, offers professional detox programs with an option for medical management and medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which is the safest and most successful means of detoxification. However, the fear of withdrawal is often a stumbling block in submitting to addiction treatment.

The center offers 24/7 medical detox services to offer every opportunity to begin recovery and avoid the life-threatening possibilities that can occur from withdrawal. The compassionate and understanding staff in our drug rehab in Bangor, CA are eager to work to overcome the discomfort of physical, psychological, and emotional withdrawal symptoms that arise during detox. 

Residential inpatient rehab in Bangor, CA at Sierra Health & Wellness

Residential Inpatient Treatment Program

After completing the medical detox program, transitioning into the residential inpatient program offers a comprehensive, long-term approach to addiction treatment. Our addiction treatment in Bangor, CA designs individual treatment options to address dual diagnosis, high-functioning professionals, and trauma-induced addiction.

Residential inpatient treatment offers the opportunity to control the environment, focus on therapy and lifestyle education, and reinforce healthy eating and exercise habits. The length of residence differs with individual requirements, but a higher percentage of successful recoveries coincides with more extended stays in rehab. 

Individual therapy session during outpatient rehab in Bangor, CA

Outpatient Treatment Options

Outpatient treatment options expound upon the differing needs of individuals who need addiction treatment but have financial, family, or other restrictions. Research provides successful outcomes for those who complete their outpatient treatment program.

The research found in a study in The National Library of Medicine indicates the length of treatment has a bearing on how successful recovery is, but outpatient treatment serves an instrumental purpose and allows for treatment while maintaining employment, education, and family. Drug rehab in Bangor, CA, offers different options for outpatient services. 

Rehab in Bangor, CA, offers the following outpatient treatment options:

  • Whole-person outpatient services: outpatient individual and group therapy sessions for the treatment of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, psychosis, eating disorders, personality disorders, and other mental health concerns on an ongoing basis.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program requires at least 9 hours a week of therapy in 3 sessions, with the client residing at home. 
  • Partial Hospitalization Program requires at least 6 hours daily of treatment, Monday through Friday, with the client residing at home. 
  • Virtual Outpatient Program is similar to IOP, but participation is virtual on a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet. 

Relapse Prevention Plans

Relapse prevention plans are crucial to maintaining a healthy sobriety and avoiding relapse once the triggers begin to appear. A high percentage of those who complete addiction treatment will relapse. A relapse prevention plan can teach clients how to utilize a daily checklist of reminders and tools to identify struggles that may induce relapse. Some clients may experience protracted withdrawal symptoms and not realize what is happening. A relapse prevention plan may not stop a relapse from happening, but the plan can lead to reaching out for help, which is an opportunity to start over.

Family Recovery Program

The family recovery program at Sierra Health + Wellness in Bangor, California brings the focus of recovery to the family to aid in rebuilding relationships. Many families are unaware of enabling behaviors and what it is like to form boundaries. Family therapy offers the family an opportunity to learn how to heal and arise from the broken shell of a family dealing with addiction. With education and guidance, the family can rebuild a new foundation and lead a positive and healthy lifestyle, including their loved one in recovery. 

Alumni Opportunities

Participating in addiction treatment builds connections with others who are struggling with the same challenges. Sierra Health + Wellness maintains an alum opportunity for those who have completed the program and want to stay in touch. Maintaining supportive relationships is beneficial for continuing sobriety. Groups meet monthly to share experiences and enjoy the accomplishments of a sober lifestyle. 

Veterans and PTSD

Sierra Health + Wellness is associated with the Veterans Administration and a VA Community Care Provider that specializes in dual diagnosis inpatient and outpatient services available for veterans with a substance use disorder and PTSD. Our staff has specialized training in the challenges veterans face. Our centers also accept Tricare insurance, which eliminates a genuine challenge. 


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Find Specialized Services at our Rehab in Bangor, CA

High-functioning professionals, first responders, and veterans experience dual diagnosis and need specialized services. Our rehab in Bangor, CA has programs specifically designed to treat these individuals. Sharing a whole-person treatment approach to support recovery offers various treatment options to meet all individuals’ needs.

Contact the center today to discuss the available addiction and mental health treatment in Bangor that could make a difference in your recovery journey.

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