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Joseph Henderson

Joseph Henderson, Founder and CEO

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Health + Wellness

Joseph Henderson, Founder and CEO

Joseph (Joe) Henderson is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sierra Health + Wellness and The Elijah House Foundation.

Joe Henderson is a passionate leader with world-class communication skills and a long track record of having an inspirational and motivational leadership style. In his tenure as CEO, he has established California’s Network of Leading Behavioral Health and Rehab Centers, Sierra Health + Wellness.

SHW continues to grow and serve Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health with Residential Treatment Facilities (New Start Recovery Solutions) and Outpatient Treatment Facilities (Recovery Happens Counseling Services) in Northern California and Reno.

In his current role as Chief Executive Officer, Joe has direct oversight of all aspects of Sierra Health + Wellness.


When asked to describe the company culture that Joe instills, here’s what we heard:

“Joe instills a culture of humility, empathy, transparency, integrity, trust, service, authenticity, unity, passion, community, accountability, respect, and innovation.”

SHW Team

Because of that culture, employees are excited to come to work at Sierra Health + Wellness. SHW believes in their employees; enabling and empowering them to grow. Sierra Health + Wellness is quickly becoming an Employer of Choice in the Sacramento Area.

Under Joe’s guidance, SHW continues to grow at an exponential rate. In May 2023, SHW has residential rehab facilities in the Bay Area (Concord), Bangor, Sacramento, Monterey, and Reno.

Outpatient IOP, PHP, and primary mental health care are provided at an outpatient level of care in Sacramento.