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NSRS LAP Conference 2023 Las Vegas

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New Start Recovery Solutions at Labor Assistance Professionals Conference 2023

We are had an amazing first day here at the Labor Assistance Professionals Conference 2023 in Las Vegas. Drop by and see us!

Our Sierra Health + Wellness Centers, New Start Recovery Solutions and Recovery Happens Counseling Services.

Our team is proud to be working with union members in their journey to addiction recovery and wellness.

We have premier dual diagnosis addiction treatment at Sierra Health + Wellness Centers!

Over four hundred labor union members and substance abuse treatment professionals are gathering this week at the Las Vegas Tropicana hotel for the 29th Conference of Labor Assistance Professionals.

The 2023 LAP Conference runs from Sunday evening, July 16 through Thursday afternoon, July 20.

Don’t let addiction rule your life!
Call for a confidential consultation today at 866-303-6275.

New Start Recovery Solutions provides intervention and access to personalized dual-diagnosis addiction recovery treatment. Our dual diagnosis rehabs have medically managed detox and residential, outpatient, outpatient primary mental health care services and Virtual IOP treatment for individuals, families and professionals.

Sierra HWC Addiction Rehab Services

Medically Managed Detoxification Residential Inpatient Rehab Treatment
General Outpatient Services
Outpatient Primary Mental Health Care
• Men & Women ages 18+ for all services
• 24-hour on-site monitoring
Mindfulness for Recovery
Telehealth Virtual IOP Intensive Outpatient Program
• Relapse Prevention
• Dual Diagnosis Treatment (Our Specialty)
• PHP ‘Day Program’ Partial Hospitalization Program
• IOP Intensive Outpatient Treatment
• Veteran PTSD Dual Diagnosis Rehab: Wellness for Warriors®
• VA Community Care Provider
• TriWest In-network (Proud to be Serving our Military!)
• Alumni Program

Contact New Start Recovery Solutions for details and more information on addiction recovery treatment options and treatment programs that fit your needs – and will work best for you.

Our addiction recovery programs treat the whole person with evidence-based and trauma-informed dual diagnosis care. Dual Diagnosis means alcohol and substance abuse addiction recovery is combined with behavioral health treatment.

Our Treatment Goal for Patients: Recovery for Life

Our Dual Diagnosis treatment programs help patients discover and resolve the underlying issues, trauma and stresses that often drive addictive behaviors.

We assist our clients to build a healthy body and mind – and to develop the mindfulness, resilience and emotional skills for sustainable sobriety.

• Each patient is evaluated by New Start Recovery Solutions or Recovery Happens Counseling Services staff and receives a biopsychosocial assessment; and an individualized treatment plan.

• We use Mindfulness for Relapse Prevention and other whole person evidence-based therapies; including CBT, DBT, Brainspotting, yoga and more.

• If you or your loved one is located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Bay Area, San Rafael, Monterey, Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Redding, Martinez or Reno – and are dealing with a drug abuse or an alcohol use disorder – welcome to evidence-based whole person addiction treatment at New Start Recovery Solutions and Recovery Happens Counseling Services.

New Start Recovery Solutions and Recovery Happens Counseling Services are VA Community Care Providers; in-network with TriWest.

• Our trauma-informed dual diagnosis treatment is effective for PTSD, depression, anxiety and more.

Veteran PTSD Treatment Programs – Residential and Outpatient.

• Treatment Programs for First Responders, Union Members and Professionals.

Please call 866-303-6275 for more information, or feel welcome to Contact Us.