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NSRS Reno Grand Opening Lunch

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NSRS Reno Meet Our Clinicians Lunch

9-6-2023 NSRS Reno Grand Opening Lunch | Sierra Health and Wellness Centers is excited to announce the Grand Opening of New Start Recovery Solutions Reno.

Our NSRS Reno clinicians and Sierra HWC executives were in attendance today at the NSRS Reno Grand Opening Lunch at the Reno Chamber of Commerce.

It was a great event and we thank the Reno community and all who attended!

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New Start Recovery Solutions Reno: Whole Person Addiction Recovery

New Start Recovery Solutions is excited to announce the Grand Opening of our newest location: New Start Recovery Solutions Reno.

The New Start Recovery Solutions Reno expansion allows us to offer our comprehensive holistic services in Reno. Our whole person addiction treatment includes medical detox, dual diagnosis drug and alcohol recovery treatment, Veteran Program and Alumni Group support.

What sets us apart? We understand the complexities of addiction and know how crucial comprehensive care is during this challenging time. That’s why our approach involves treating not only the physical symptoms. Our dual diagnosis programs also address the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction recovery through counseling and therapy.

New Start Recovery Solutions Reno drug and alcohol rehab programs treat the whole person. We understand that addiction affects all aspects of life. We believe it is crucial to provide support in all areas: physical, mental and spiritual.

NSRS Reno Addiction Recovery Goal: Recovery for Life

Our whole person dual diagnosis addiction recovery treatment helps patients discover and resolve the underlying issues, trauma and stresses that often drive addiction. Most Insurance is Accepted.

Addiction Recovery Treatment at NSRS Reno includes:

· Medical Detox
· Evidence-based and Trauma-informed Care
· Residential Rehab
· Wellness for Warriors® Veteran Program – (PTSD, Trauma, Adjustment Difficulties and More)
· Personalized Treatment Plans

Reno Veteran PTSD Dual Diagnosis Treatment

There is clearly a correlation between trauma (including individual, group, or mass trauma) and substance use. There is also a correlation in the presence of posttraumatic stress (and other trauma-related disorders) and substance use disorders. Alcohol and drug use can be, for some, an effort to manage traumatic stress and specific PTSD symptoms.

New Start Recovery Solutions is an authorized VA Community Care Provider; TriWest in-network.

New Start Recovery Solutions evidence-based trauma-informed dual diagnosis treatment for veterans targets both PTSD and alcohol or substance abuse for treatment.

Full Continuum of Care – Detox to Veteran PTSD Rehab Treatment to Aftercare and Alumni Groups.

Our Wellness for Warriors® program for veterans addresses issues specific to veteran recovery – including PTSD, trauma, depression, veteran readjustment issues and more. We strongly support veterans in recovery with evidence-based and trauma-informed care.

Addiction Recovery Stages of Change Model – Start Where You Are

The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) was developed by Prochaska and DiClemente in the late 1970s. The TTM model is also called The Stages of Change Model.

The Stages of Change Model is a helpful tool to understand the process of behavioral change. Most in addiction recovery move through the stages of change in a spiral pattern. Individuals in recovery can jump about between stages, go backward and forward; or even be in more than one stage at a time.

To progress through the Stages of Change – individuals actively engage in cognitive and emotional work; and evaluative insight processes. Mindfulness meditation is very helpful in this process.

  • Pre-Contemplation – In this stage, individuals are not planning to take action in the foreseeable future (defined as within the next 6 months). They are often unaware that their behavior produces negative consequences.
  • Contemplation – In this stage, individuals begin to consider a more positive, healthy behavior in the foreseeable future (defined as within the next 6 months). Individuals begin to recognize their behavior may be causing a problem. A more thoughtful and practical consideration of personal responsibility takes place.
  • Preparation (Determination) – In this stage, individuals are ready to take action within the next 30 days. They start to take small steps toward the behavior change, and believe changing negative behaviors can lead to a healthier and happier life.
  • Action – In this stage, individuals have recently changed their behavior (defined as within the last 6 months) – and intend to keep moving forward with that behavior change. Individuals in this stage modify negative behaviors and acquire new healthy behaviors.
  • Maintenance – In this stage, individuals have continued behavior change for a while (defined as more than 6 months) – and intend to maintain the behavior change going forward. Individuals in this stage are actively working to prevent relapse to earlier stages.

• Each patient is evaluated by New Start Recovery Solutions or Recovery Happens Counseling Services staff and receives a biopsychosocial assessment; and an individualized treatment plan.

• We use Mindfulness for Relapse Prevention and other whole person evidence-based therapies; including CBT, DBT, Brainspotting, yoga and more.

• If you or your loved one is located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Bay Area, San Rafael, Monterey, Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Redding, Martinez or Reno – and are dealing with a drug abuse or an alcohol use disorder – welcome to evidence-based whole person addiction treatment at New Start Recovery Solutions and Recovery Happens Counseling Services.

New Start Recovery Solutions and Recovery Happens Counseling Services are VA Community Care Providers; in-network with TriWest.

• Our trauma-informed dual diagnosis treatment is effective for PTSD, depression, anxiety and more.

Veteran PTSD Treatment Programs – Residential and Outpatient.

• Treatment Programs for First Responders, Union Members and Professionals.

Please call 866-303-6275 for more information, or feel welcome to Contact Us.