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New Start Recovery Solutions Reno Open

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New Start Recovery Solutions Reno is Now Open. Explore Our Dual Diagnosis Addiction Recovery Facility

We’re thrilled to announce that New Start Recovery Solutions Reno location is now officially open!

New Start Recovery Solutions Reno
8255 Opal Ranch Way
Reno, Nevada 89506

Call 866-303-6275 for Confidential Consultations, Insurance Verification and Admissions

Our dedication to providing a safe, supportive environment for recovery has led us to expand our reach to Reno. We couldn’t be more excited!

The New Start Recovery Solutions Reno expansion allows us to offer our comprehensive holistic services in Reno. Whole person addiction treatment includes medical detox, dual diagnosis drug and alcohol recovery treatment and Alumni Group support.

What sets us apart? We understand the complexities of addiction and know how crucial comprehensive care is during this challenging time. That’s why our approach involves treating not only the physical symptoms – but also addressing psychological aspects through counseling and therapy.

New Start Recovery Solutions Reno drug and alcohol rehab programs treat the whole person. We understand that addiction does not only affect one aspect of your life – addiction impacts multiple areas. We believe it is crucial to provide support in all areas: physical, mental and emotional.

See the New Start Recovery Solutions Reno Video Tour

Reno Veteran PTSD Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We are proud to highlight our Reno veteran rehab program which includes PTSD dual diagnosis treatment.

Recovery begins with medical detox at our Reno location. During detox we utilize state-of-the-art techniques to ensure safe and effective substance removal from your system – while minimizing discomfort as much as possible. This process happens under professional supervision at our location.

Our Wellness for Warriors® program is tailored specifically for veterans dealing with both PTSD and addiction issues. Our goal is not just treating symptoms – but treating root causes as well.

Our veteran PTSD dual diagnosis treatment program has been designed keeping in mind the unique challenges faced by those who’ve served our country bravely – but might be battling internal wars now.

This integrated approach offers lasting recovery – addressing underlying mental health issues along with addiction problems.

Key highlights about the New Start Recovery Solutions Reno veteran program:

  • Medical Detox Program
  • Comprehensive Personalized Dual Diagnosis Drug and Alcohol Rehab
  • Trauma-Informed and Evidence-based Whole Person Treatment
  • Veteran PTSD Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Alumni Program and Support

With the services available at New Start Recovery Solutions Reno, 8255 Opal Ranch Way, Reno, Nevada 89506 – we are ready to help Veterans and individuals reclaim their lives from the grip of addiction. Let us help you find a brighter future – free from drug and alcohol dependence.

NSRS Reno Hours of Operation: 24/7

New Start Recovery Solutions Reno is open and operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are here for patients around the clock.

Our dedicated team understands addiction doesn’t take a break, so neither do we. Whenever you need assistance, our Reno drug and alcohol rehab services are available.

Contact NSRS Reno for Info, Questions and Admissions at 866-303-6275

Here at our Reno location, we have an experienced team ready to guide you or your loved one through the journey towards recovery. Whether medical detox or comprehensive post-rehab care planning is needed – we’ve got it covered.

And if you’re a veteran in need of help – don’t worry – you’re not alone here. We specialize in offering veteran-specific rehab programs. Dealing with PTSD? Our dual diagnosis program addresses both substance abuse and mental health issues concurrently – ensuring holistic healing for our clients.

Have questions? We are just a call away at 866-303-6275! Our Admissions team is always available to provide information about our services and answer any questions regarding the recovery process.

At New Start Recovery Solutions Reno – we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for those battling addiction and dealing with PTSD, depression, anxiety or other mental health issues.

Emotional Wellness and Resiliency

Emotional wellness and resiliency are crucial aspects that cannot be ignored in recovery.

These elements are the cornerstone of addiction recovery. We understand that addiction recovery isn’t just about detoxing the body; it’s also about healing mind and spirit.

Our Reno addiction rehab center has personalized therapies focused on emotional wellness that are designed to uncover and heal the deep-seated issues that often underpin substance abuse problems. We know overcoming an addiction involves more than ‘just saying no’ to drugs or alcohol – it is also about learning how to cope with life’s stresses without turning to substance abuse.

We believe every person deserves compassionate care coupled with evidence-based and trauma-informed treatments – all aimed at fostering emotional well-being during and after the journey towards sobriety.

Mindfulness Meditation and Relapse Prevention

We have discovered that mindfulness meditation plays a crucial role in the recovery process for those battling substance abuse and addiction. Mindfulness is an ancient practice that has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve focus, and support mental health. These are vital elements for life-long recovery.

Incorporating mindfulness meditation into our addiction recovery programs allows us to provide holistic care that goes beyond just addressing physical symptoms of addiction. By teaching individuals how to stay present and focused on their thoughts, feelings, and surroundings without judgment or distraction – we are equipping individuals with tools they can use long after they leave our facility.

One of the most significant aspects of mindfulness practice is its potential benefits for veterans (and anyone) experiencing PTSD. We integrate mindfulness meditation as part of our comprehensive approach in treating PTSD. This strategy helps individuals to manage symptoms and cope with the daily challenges presented by PTSD.

New Start Recovery Solutions Reno patients are introduced to mindfulness techniques as a natural way to help manage cravings and triggers. During these challenging times – being able to anchor oneself in the present moment can often make all the difference between relapse and recovery.

In addition to the specific applications within our treatment programs, we believe that cultivating a regular mindfulness practice is an invaluable life skill for anyone – especially those in recovery. We are dedicated not only to helping individuals overcome addiction. We empower our patients with skills, like mindfulness meditation, that are vital in maintaining lasting sobriety.

Stages of Change in Addiction Recovery

Our personalized treatment plans include the Stages of Change model.

  • Pre-contemplation: Recognizing the need for change
  • Contemplation: Considering potential actions
  • Preparation: Getting ready mentally
  • Action: Implementing changes
  • Maintenance: Sustaining positive habits

The first stage in addiction recovery is Pre-contemplation. The key element in pre-contemplation is acknowledging that change might be necessary.

Contemplation is the next stage. This phase involves considering the possibility of making a change – and weighing both pros and cons.

Preparation is the third stage of recovery. Readiness for action differs among individuals. Preparing mentally plays an essential role.

The fourth stage of recovery is taking Action. Changes become visible through new behaviors and attitudes towards substance abuse or emotional challenges.

Finally, Maintenance involves sustaining these new habits over time – which is our ultimate goal for patients at New Start Recovery Solutions Reno.

We understand that the recovery journey differs for each individual; and we are honored to assist our patients in discovering – and maintaining – sobriety.

At New Start Recovery Solutions Reno, our patients find more than just treatment. Our patients discover a community committed to supporting the battle against addiction at every step along the way.

New Start Recovery Solutions Reno is owned and operated by Sierra Health + Wellness Centers.

Our team provides a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and dedication to providing effective recovery solutions for those in need.

Sierra Health + Wellness Centers have a strong reputation for offering top-notch care. We have been instrumental in assisting individuals on their journey towards reclaiming their lives from substance abuse.

Our facility locations have been designed with patient comfort in mind – while maintaining the highest medical standards necessary for successful recovery. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who understand the complexities of addiction and are equipped to manage them effectively.

Our commitment is to provide compassionate, evidence-based and trauma-informed treatment that addresses both the symptoms and root causes of addiction.

We believe everyone deserves a new start. And it is our mission to help make a new sober and meaningful life possible for all those who enter our programs.

• Each patient is evaluated by New Start Recovery Solutions or Recovery Happens Counseling Services staff and receives a biopsychosocial assessment; and an individualized treatment plan.

• We use Mindfulness for Relapse Prevention and other whole-person evidence-based therapies; including CBT, DBT, Brainspotting, yoga and more.

• If you or your loved one is located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Bay Area, San Rafael, Monterey, Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Redding, Martinez or Reno – and are dealing with a drug abuse or an alcohol use disorder – welcome to evidence-based whole person addiction treatment at New Start Recovery Solutions and Recovery Happens Counseling Services.

New Start Recovery Solutions and Recovery Happens Counseling Services are VA Community Care Providers; in-network with TriWest.

• Our trauma-informed dual diagnosis treatment is effective for PTSD, depression, anxiety and more.

Veteran PTSD Treatment Programs – Residential and Outpatient.

• Treatment Programs for First Responders, Union Members and Professionals.

Please call 866-303-6275 for more information, or feel welcome to Contact Us.