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Recovery Happens Counseling Services Acquired by Sierra Health + Wellness

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Recovery Happens Outpatient Rehabs Now Part of New Start Recovery Solutions

Sierra Health and Wellness Centers LLC announces the acquisition of Recovery Happens Counseling Services.

Outpatient Addiction Rehabs in the Bay Area and Sacramento

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Sierra HWC Superior Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Nov 17, 2020 Sierra Health and Wellness Centers LLC, a high-quality provider of addiction treatment services, announced this week the acquisition of Recovery Happens Counseling Services.Recovery Happens is a very successful and well-known substance use disorder outpatient treatment provider with five outpatient clinics for PHP and IOP treatment in Northern California.This is Sierra Health and Wellness Centers third acquisition of 2020. It follows the acquisition of New Start Recovery Solutions in early 2020.

Recovery Happens Counseling Services Now at New Start Recovery Solutions

Recovery Happens Counseling Services programs are now part of the New Start Recovery Solutions complete continuum of care for those with substance use issues.

We are proud to provide world-class care with a friendly, California approach. This makes the Recovery Happens Counseling Services programs unlike any others in the Bay Area and Sacramento.

The goals of our Outpatient Programs are to establish sobriety and psychosocial supports, coping strategies and facilitate relapse prevention.

Individualized Addiction Recovery Treatment

All clients receive individualized Recovery Happens Counseling Services intake assessments, supervised by Dr. Angela Chanter.

Beginning in January 2017, Dr. Chanter was the Clinical Director at Recovery Happens Counseling Services. And in November 2020, she joins New Start Recovery Solutions as Clinical Director.

We are excited about the expertise, professionalism, and enthusiasm that Dr. Chanter brings to our team at Sierra Health and Wellness Centers and New Start Recovery Solutions!

Recovery Happens Counseling Services Locations

Recovery Happens Counseling Services is conveniently located in Sacramento.

Telehealth services are also available.

Recovery Happens Counseling Services programs are an excellent addition to the Sierra Health and Wellness Centers portfolio. The Recovery Happens Counseling Services outpatient programs throughout Northern California allow greater client access to the Sierra Health and Wellness Centers array of addiction treatment services.

Sierra Health and Wellness Centers Mission

“We believe that there are four core principles that make up the human experience:
Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being.
These four concepts truly identify each person.

Sierra Health and Wellness Centers use evidence-based methods to accomplish restoration of families, relationships, and self-worth. By transforming the character, we give life back to the people who have lost it through substance abuse and mental health issues.

By sharing the tools necessary for change, we facilitate the Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual restoration of the people we care for.”

Sierra HWC (Health and Wellness Centers)

• November 2020, Recovery Happens Counseling Services was acquired.
• March 2020, New Start Recovery Solutions was acquired.

• Quality and Compassionate Care
• Supportive Environment
• Exceed the Expectations of our Clients
• Dual Diagnosis Integrated Addiction Treatment

We are proud of our Team and strive to exemplify and embody Our Mission in everything we do.

We strive to achieve our mission by delivering quality and compassionate chemical dependency and addiction disorder services in a caring and supportive environment.

By consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients, Sierra Health and Wellness Centers are recognized in the communities that we serve as the provider of choice for chemical dependency and addiction disorder services.

Jon Daily (1970 – 2017) LCSW, CADAAC II
Founder of the Recovery Happens Outpatient Programs

New Start Recovery Solutions is honored to include Recovery Happens Counseling Services as a part of our Continuum of Care for addiction treatment and recovery.

Jon Daily LCSW, CADAAC II founded the Recovery Happens Counseling Services outpatient programs. He was passionate about helping others break free from chemical dependency – and their addiction to intoxication. His dedication to this cause was rooted from his own early addiction. Jon’s addiction led to time in California Youth Authorities, group home placements, and destructive relational patterns.

Jon was in recovery for over 20 years. He committed himself to helping others reach the same success. Over 10 years ago he opened Recovery Happens Counseling Services. It was an outpatient drug and substance abuse treatment center, specializing in both adolescent and adult treatment.

Jon’s advocacy in the Sacramento community, as well as policy work, has brought him to the front lines of his work in the recovery community.

He was the recipient of many awards including: Harold Cole Award, Miracle Award, Sacramento Valley Psychological Association Community Award, The Piece of the Puzzle Award, and the CCAPP VIP Award.

Jon Daily became an avid student of the neurobiological processes in the brain associated with addiction as a result of his own recovery from adolescent addiction.

‘Addiction is a pathological relationship to intoxication.’

Based on neurobiology, this statement is a foundational tenet of Jon’s addiction recovery philosophy.

He believed that people do not become addicted to a particular drug. He believed that individuals become addicted to intoxication as a way of dealing with life issues. If you remove the drug – the individual who is still addicted to intoxication will find another way to get high. For example, by using another substance or activity such as sex or gambling.

Sierra Health and Wellness Centers and New Start Recovery Solutions are proud and excited to be able to offer the compassionate, insightful and whole person outpatient addiction treatment philosophy founded by Jon Daily.

About Sierra Health and Wellness Centers

Headquartered in Oroville, California and founded on July 1st, 2011 – the organization went through a major corporate reorganization (including a name change) in March 2019.

We are now known as Sierra Health and Wellness Centers LLC. Our organization was established to provide high quality addiction and behavioral health services. As well as fill in the gaps for needed healthcare services in a variety of California communities.

The Sierra HWC focus is on providing empirically supported treatment merged with excellent customer service that results in the best outcomes in the industry.

The leadership team at Sierra HWC is composed of an executive group whose experience and knowledge of the industry is only rivaled by their passion for helping individuals and families recover. We provide treatment for the disease of addiction, behavioral health issues and other medical conditions that plague our community.

Sierra HWC operates multiple addiction rehab centers in Northern California. Addiction treatment is focused on dual diagnosis and includes residential and outpatient treatment.